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Miguel Cancél, Former Lead Singer & “Heartthrob” for the phenomenal
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Lady G

GLORIA Amadeo has earned national and international recognition as an artist and performer as well as in handling high profile entertainment, media, and business matters. GLORIA has over 30 years of business, management, and consulting experience. As founder and President of Amadeo Entertainment she has established her company to develop entertainment and literary projects targeted for Latin, U.S., and worldwide audiences. Her extensive knowledge and elite contacts coupled with her approachable personality is her force.

GLORIA received a Top Secret Clearance with the United States Secret Service and served with the Federal Judiciary for the Central District of California. Her experience as a Flight Attendant, a nurse, and her linguistic abilities, brings a fresh and new perspective to Hollywood and the Hispanic community.


GLORIA’S contributions to the entertainment industry are known worldwide. One refers to her as the Lady with the golden touch; her projects turn into gold. She is best known for guiding the career of her son, former lead singer Miguel Cancél and ”Hearthrob” of celebrated Puerto Rican group “Menudo” to phenomenal heights.


GLORIA’S education is in Business Administration, Nursing studies, the Millie Bruebeck Modeling Institute in Karlsruhe, Germany, and Elio Rubio, a prominent vocal coach in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


In her personal life, GLORIA is a lady who nurtures, guides, and inspires lives. As a philanthropist and a humanitarian, she is active in charity causes taking a personal role helping raise funds for children with special needs and the fight against Cancer. Her contribution to the Hispanic community is outstanding. She certainly knows how to shine the light in celebration of Hispanic/Latino contributions to America’s greatness. She is also an Oncology Patient Care Associate Nurse for one of the leading National Cancer Research Treatment Centers in the world.


GLORIA is one of the most admired women in the industry. She is a classy, fun, and sexy lady – she is a star, both on stage and off. Her greatness is that she’s involved in supporting many worthy causes. Besides contributing to one of the largest Cancer Research Treatment Centers, GLORIA is an Executive member of Women in Film, The National Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences (Grammy Awards), The Latin Recording Academy, and The National Association of Latino Independent Producers. She states, “Performing is my way of saying thank you to a culture that has given me so much. And when I speak from my heart I do it best with music.” She’s a hit in anybody’s book.

In life, as well as in business, GLORIA demonstrates a resourceful and pragmatic approach; she surrounds herself with highly ethical, skilled, and motivated team players. She takes pride in her reputation, “Her word is her honor.”