The Author tells us, “God, Angels and Heaven Exist.”

xxxxxFirst time author Gloria Amadeo, also known as Menudo Mami, and mother of “heartthrob” singer Miguel Cancél, launches her long awaited memoirs HASTA EL FINAL considering it more than a right, her duty - God, Angeles and Heaven exist.

xxxxxCompelling and inspiring the book reveals things which have never been known before: Heaven, God and two Angels before her brain surgery -- the price to fame, the chilling episodes of her schizophrenic brother, a single mother struggling for her world idol – Sex, Drugs & Rock Roll -- and, career decisions that left the family divided.

xxxxxThe book is seductive and mysterious -- a sensational family action drama with comedy,tragedy and a particular Mafia.  Amadeo lived it, the step by step development of the phenomenal group Menudo. Writing for all genders, the author is known for telling it as it is. Amadeo fought exploitation and child abuse.

About the Author
xxxxxAn admired and respected woman, Gloria’s compassion and caring are exemplified by her work with one of the leading cancer research and treatment centers.  Gloria is an executive member of Women in Film and also a member of the Grammy Academy and the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. She worked for The United States Secret Service and the Federal Judiciary – The United States District Court for the Central District of California.

xxxxxHer graciousness and personal contact with fans and everyone all over the world grants her the title of “Menudo Mami.”

xxxxxThe book is available at Borders Puerto Rico and