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Gloria Amadeo
('til the end)

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_ _ During the track record of success of her son, Miguel Cancél, member of group MENUDO, she was always attentive to every detail -- A single mother who gave her heart and soul to raising her only son.
_ _ Producer-writer Gloria Amadeo, nicknamed by fans MENUDO MAMI launched her memoirs HASTA EL FINAL.
_ _ The book combines the elements of Comedy, tragedy and the price to fame, the chilling episodes of her schizophrenic brother, and the career decisions that left the family divided.
_ _ Gloria has made guest appearances on Geraldo Rivera, Good Morning America and has been interviewed in Anda Pal’l Cará, Ella y Tus Noches, Rubén Sánchez, Entre Nosotras y Noticias Al Amanecer, to name a few. She has stood out as a singer, and her contribution with one of the leading cancer research and treatment centers is exemplary. She worked for The United States Secret Service, and The Federal District Court for the Central District of California. Gloria is an executive member of Women in Film and also a member of the Grammy Academy and the National Association of Latino Independent Producers.
_ _ You can get the book at Borders or